11 October 2012

Opening act


Circus started out as a feature magazine --  a requirement for our finals in Feature Writing under Sir Nestor Cuartero. Starting out as a staff of five, Circus now exists as an online blog for anything goes, run by Chin, Jelo and yours truly. :-) Our scope ranges from the unknown, underrated and unexpected.

We felt that keeping Circus will be a good outlet for us to enhance our writing skills. Plus, we have enjoyed creating the magazine!
Cover photo of the first issue of Circus
Here are some of the sample spreads of the first issue:

A very personal and controversial topic by yours truly. Do not attempt to read if you have an eating disorder or if you're sensitive about the matter :-)
An online version of the first issue of Circus will be released soon! :-) 

Enjoy, and have fun with us!

-- xo ciel

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